Our work in the UK

London, Museums and Me a new and exciting programme, recently launched alongside our partner’s Fences and Frontiers – from February 2018, we will take children and their families to museums, heritage sites and other cultural attractions across the UK.

Our first visit is planned later this month, we are thrilled to announce that we will be visiting the much loved National History Museum in London.

We have developed a range of professional bespoke activities, to ensure that children develop a range of educational skills through museum collections as well as easing the process of social inclusion.

After each visit, we will make these activities available on our learning resources page, so that they can be of use to others wishing to carry out similar projects.

We will cover costs for the families such as: 

  • Travel
  • Lunch
  • Small educational gift from the shop at the museum
  • Goodie bags with education essentials

We also have an amazon wish list, available here of items for some of these items, which you can purchase directly and will be sent to us to help us enrich and make our workshops.

Our Core Mission

We understand that arriving in the UK is the beginning of new challenges for families. We try to support them through their journey of social integration into the UK.

There are many ways in which do this a practical way we do this is:

  • On arrival to the UK, we provide families we have worked  with a start-up grant
  • We aim to support families where possible, by providing them with information about local support groups
  • We aim to maintain regular contact and arrange for donations of basic essential to be delivered to their place of domicile when requested by the families

If you would like to support our projects, now and for the future. Please donate to make this possible. We can not do it without your support.






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