Messages for Refugee Families & Children

A simple way to get involved, is to leave a welcome message or a message of support for refugees in Europe. If you would like to take part in this small act of kindness, please send us your message below and we share it with refugees during our activities.




Thank you for all your submissions to date, these are some of the messages we have received so far:

“Always remember that
I trust that you will do a much better job of making the world work for everyone when it is your turn as elders.

It will be your turn sooner than you think.
All my love and respect for all that you have been through but more importantly all that you are going to achieve.
I believe in you
Be sure to continue to believe in your self.”
Zachary Fletcher

“Welcome to the UK! My parents came here as refugees 80 years ago, and had good and successful lives. I hope that you can do well here too, and that your country and your loved ones can be at peace very soon.” Sylvia, London.

“To all of you, my fellow human beings, I think of you often and wish I could do more to help. Please know there are many people like me who feel for you and want life to get better and fairer for you. Your courage and your determination for a better life for your families is an inspiration. With love and hope”  Ciara

Welcome to the United Kingdom. I hope that after all you have gone through to get here you will find safety, peace and friendship as well as a better life.
I am sure you will find that most people are friendly and helpful, supporting you in whatever you choose to do, although you will find there are some differences in a new country and you will need to learn our language as fast as you can. I know that you will do well and I wish you all the good things and happiness which you so deserve. Angela Page

“I can’t imagine what your life has been like, but you have overcome so much and I know it seems hard to believe at times, but goodness and kindness will prevail and can be found everywhere. Things will get better. We support, love and welcome you.” Lottie

“We love you! We think of you all the time. We are so sorry for the pain you are experiencing. We wish you peace, love, health, and happiness in the future.” Tiffany Hruby

Here’s wishing you a very, very, very, very, very SUPER warm welcome to the UK ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Please know that there are lots of people here who love you and wish you the absolute best ! And look forward to meeting you and learning from you and being here to help however we can.” Love, Gareth, London

“I stand with you in your hour of need. I hope you remain safe and well. Solidarity my friend.” Ian

“Thinking of the challenges and difficulties you have already overcome to get this far on your journey. You are a very special person in my eyes. Wishing you Good fortune and peace in your own life. I will continue to work for better understanding in whatever way I can.” Laura Ginesi

“Thinking of you whether you are young or old, and hoping that you have what you most need. We all need peace, love, food, warmth and friendship. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but we can be friends; and we should. And maybe we will be lucky enough to meet.” Luke, London

“Never lose hope, we send you love from our hearts, maybe our children will play together some day”  Audrey, Surrey

“I hope that you find a home and friends and have enough of everything you need. I hope people learn how to be kind and that many more people begin to understand that we are all as equal and important as each other, and more alike than different.” Jo Walker

“Welcome to your new home. I hope you will find peace and happiness here❤️” Maureen

“#RefugeesWelcome 160,000 marched in Barcelona to pressure their government to let more refugees in. It shows across Europe that people want more to be done for refugees. We will keep the pressure on the government in Britain to let refugees in. Solidarity!” Zak Cochrane, London

“You are in our prayers and thoughts, keep strong.” Neville, Kent

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