How To Help

As the refugee crisis worsens, millions of men, women, and children face an uncertain future. But what can you do about it?

So, here are 10 ways you can make a difference in the lives of refugees. Take a look, get involved.

  1. Campaign for refugees’ right
  2. Donate or fundraise for refugees
    To refugees who’ve lost everything to war, your support makes a massive difference.
  3. Welcome refugees to your community
  4. Amplify refugees’ voices
    Refugees are rarely out of the headlines. But what do they think about their experiences?
  5. Get the facts about refugees, do your own research about the crisis. Be informed.
  6. Donate clothing or goods
  7. Volunteer with refugees
  8. Find out about hosting
    If you’re considering hosting refugees or asylum seekers in your home, first read this very useful guide to hosting by The Guardian.
  9. Organisations that can help you offer shelter to a refugee include Refugees at Home, Positive Action in Housing’s Room for Refugees scheme and the NACCOM No Accommodation Network.
  10. Help resettle refugees
    If you’re not from a local authority but think your area could accept resettled refugees, Citizens UK can help you set up a local refugees’ welcome group.

Stay in touch

On: Facebook
On Twitter: @Help4RChildren

And finally…

Thank you for wanting to help refugees.


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