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16832136_1858461451043598_3402796602043327851_nHelp4Refugee Children (H4RC) is an independent grassroots humanitarian organisation created in October 2015, following several visits to Dunkirk and Calais Refugee to deliver humanitarian aid.

During these visits, we grew extremely concerned about the conditions in which children and families are living in refugee camps, with little access to essential sanitary facilities, education, and support.

Aware of the psychological traumas that the children were suffering, as well as the visibly difficult and dire conditions in which they lived made worse by the winter; we were so heartbroken to meet babies as young as few weeks old that we knew we had to go back, we knew we could not go home and ignore what is happening and continues to happen just two hours away from our doorstep.

So we returned, time and after time and never looked back. For two years now, we have been building engagement with refugees focusing on families, young children and unaccompanied minors by running various creative arts workshops – the benefits of these workshops are: teaching basic English, developing confidence, fun and engaging team building helping children develop trust and maintaining hope during this difficult situation by helping to reduce stress and improve mental health.

Today H4RC focuses on advocacy work on behalf of all refugee children. We are working to use the platform we built through the work we carried out on the field, to raise awareness of the plight of refugee children. 

If you would like to volunteer for more than one month working directly with refugee children and supporting families, we can provide you with advice and contacts, so that you can start volunteering. 

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