Appeal for sleeping bags and tents

We set out at 4 am this morning to squeeze in as much time as possible in a day trip. The excitement to see the children and show the donations we received from our Amazon wish list kept the mood and energy high.

Refugees in Dunkirk have been put up in a gymnasium temporarily. The families have tables turned on their side to create makeshift compartments and provide some privacy for their children. We entered the gym hall and the children instantly began running towards us as the women and childrens centre had told them we would be coming with activities. The women and children were soon engaged in a world of colouring pencils, masks, canvases, paint, pva and glitter! Alongside having so much fun, beautiful pieces of art were created by the children and the women and we can’t thank our donors enough!

To support on-going work please donate here, we could not do this without you.

We are going back on March 24. Please help us buy sleeping bags and tents for these families as the centre will close in March and they will once again face sleeping out in the woods without any provisions. All donations given between now and then will be invested in these items. All receipts will be published.

Thank you.

The Help4Refugee Children Team

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