Protest to Demand Protection for the Rohingya People

We demand that the Rohingya people of Myanmar (Burma) are given protection and their basic human rights back. The atrocities impinged on the Rohingya people by the Myanmar military have now left the media yet the savage persecution continues today.

This is a human atrocity so dark, that no one wants to talk about it. Yet, while world is silent, people are being kidnapped, raped and systematically murdered everyday.

Many of those that survive the brutal mass killings have left their country in mass exodus to seek safety. The conditions in the Bangladesh refugee camps are overcrowded and squalid and disease is rife. Attempts to send the refugees back to Myanmar have resulted in additional mass killings. No safeguards have been put in place despite the initial media attention.

Amnesty International describes the Rohingya as “one of the most persecuted minorities in the world”.

To make this humanitarian crisis worse, next month monsoon season will commence in Bangladesh and mass landslides and disease will kill hundreds of those living in the refugee camps.

We demand that the Rohingya people are given protection and human rights in their home country, Myanmar.

A protest called by:

Iqbal Khan – currently working on the ground in to support the Rohingya people

Isis Aurora Mera – Founder of Help4Refugee Children

Chantelle Burton – CEO of Don’t Hate Donate

Amelia Haus – Independent volunteer and photo blogger

Supported by:

Please contact us if you are an organisation and wish to support this demonstration.



Please join us: for event details please follow this link

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