Amber Rudd concedes on child refugees’ eligibility for dubs

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that, after almost two years of incredible public pressure, another arbitrary restriction on child refugees’ eligibility for the Dubs Amendment has been lifted.

Children were previously required to have registered in France, Greece or Italy before 20th March 2016, in order to be considered for transfer. This left thousands of lone children at risk, as new arrivals were ineligible for safe passage to the UK.

Today, Amber Rudd has announced that “France, Greece and Italy will now be able to refer unaccompanied children who arrived in Europe before 18 January 2018” for transfer under the Dubs Amendment – and that the remaining 260 places would be filled “as soon as possible”!

What’s more, the UK Government has committed £3.6 million to working with French authorities in order to identify people who are eligible for family reunion under the Dublin Regulation.

We want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has campaigned for this – from the hundreds of thousands who have signed petitions, to those who have joined us outside Parliament and the Royal Court of Justice, to every person who spread the word in solidarity with child refugees.

This would not have happened without you. Your efforts have given hundreds of children the chance to begin a new life in safety. Thank you!

Please help us continue to put pressure on the government until this change takes effect and children are brought over to the UK safely.

Please sign our petition using this link.

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