Social Worker Without Borders, writes about her time with H4RC in Dunkirk

My unique experience with ‘Help 4 refugee children’ has started at 4am in the morning while making my way from West London to South London. I had mixed feelings of tiredness, curiosity, excitement and uneasiness. I felt that why because I was not sure what waits for me today. However, smiling, friendly, sleepy and welcoming... Continue Reading →

Teacher volunteer, writes about her experience volunteering with H4RC

Whether it be in a London based classroom or out in the Dunkirk refugee camp (a loosely used term), the children exhibit the exact same innocence, curiosity, hesitations and joy. Despite the atrocities of the war torn countries they have fled and the horrors they must have witnessed, their innocence remains uncorrupted. Irrespective of where... Continue Reading →

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