Visiting Dunkirk This April

We are going back to Dunkirk this April to run workshops with the children in the Children’s Center and also with women in the Women’s Center. During this trip, we will also be bringing 200 non-electrical lights and batteries to the Dunkirk Refugee Camp on a project made possible by a grant received from Donate4Refugees.

17498824_1872709712952105_8395803176780825198_nThe shelters in Dunkirk are dark, even in the day, these lights have been requested by the people of the camp, to be able to restore a level of normality in their lives. We hope these lights will have a positive impact in the lives of refugees and will keep you posted with an update soon.


We will also deliver aid to the camp as well as food to the kitchens.

All the money received from this date will be spent in this trip, the more we receive the more aid we will be able to take over with us and provide to support the most vulnerable.

Please donate what you can and help us make this trip have a positive impact in the lives of refugees.

Help us collect

Apart from taking essential donations and for which we are still collecting ( sleeping bags,
thermal gloves, small & medium waterproof men’s jackets, emergency Blankets, flapjacks…) we are also collecting the items below for the children and team at Dunkirk Refugee Children’s Centre


Please contact us to arrange drop offs :

A fun night out did you say?

Last but not least, don’t forget about our comedy fundraiser this Wednesday! We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. More details here.

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