Enact Lord Dubs Amendment Now! #DUBSNOW Demonstration.


On February 8 2017, the UK Government backtracked on a pledge to take Syrian child refugees.

Just hours before the final vote on the triggering of Article 50 the government quietly announced it would allow just 350 unaccompanied Syrian children to come to the UK, thousands short of the figure suggested by government sources last year.

It is shameful that our government and other powerful authorities around the world are not doing more to help unaccompanied, vulnerable child refugees. It is shameful and sad that these children do not have a home and little to no sense of belonging. There is a shocking lack of urgency in the government’s response that leaves young children forced to continue living in intolerable conditions. We must make a stand and unite against this, its inhumane.

Children in refugee camps in Europe, such as Dunkirk in Northern France have been facing life alone as they’re abandoned and forgotten about by probably a large proportion of the world. Many of the children from the Calais camp were lured out of the camp with the promise of a better life in the UK, today they remain in France and how that promise has been broken. They remain without any hope for family re-unification here in the UK.

These children are fighting an up-hill battle that will consequently serve them with no happy ending. MSF revelaed this week that, in the first 6 weeks of 2017, 1300 unaccompanied children and teenagers have braved the central alone.

These innocent refugee children are being treated disgustingly, the heart-wrenching thing is, is that many are left with such traumatic flashbacks; their past is constantly haunting them. Their past experiences are leaving them damaged for life, torn inside, confused and most of all, helpless.

All the these children want and strive for security, for a better tomorrow, for their family to appear. Yet it is starkly the opposite, their reality and foreseeable future appears far from bright.

We demand that the Dubs Amendment is Enacted Now, we will not rest until every last child is brought to safety.


In Solidarity

Help4refugee Children

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