Kites to Calais

Kites to Calais

We are holding a Kite Event in the land that was left empty following the brutal demolitions during January in the Calais Refugee Camp. This land is currently a desolate space which is considered no man’s land.

The aim of the project is to fly 300 kites to the sky; some with political messages written on them, if people choose to do so. We will also provide with materials for you to write your messages and even make your own kites in one of our workshops!

This event is a collaboration between Happy Ravers, who have contributed with 300 blank kites which have been kindly donated by the public and Help4Refugee who have co-ordinated the event. There will also be musicians and artists from Raw Material, who will be there drumming and providing music to accompany the kites the messages they carry on their way up to the sky.

The day promises to be a great event for everyone with a clear message of justice and solidarity with the thousands of people, including small children, who are currently living in Calais under inhumane conditions.

While we do all that we can to provide humanitarian aid to this dire situation, we all need to recognise that this is a political issue, and to solve the problem it must be addressed as such.
You are cordially invited to take part and help us raise awareness on the day, you can check in on the event page by following this link.

In Solidarity,
The Help4Refugee Children & Happy Ravers
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