Appeal for sleeping bags and tents

We set out at 4 am this morning to squeeze in as much time as possible in a day trip. The excitement to see the children and show the donations we received from our Amazon wish list kept the mood and energy high. Refugees in Dunkirk have been put up in a gymnasium temporarily. The... Continue Reading →

Protest to Demand Protection for the Rohingya People

We demand that the Rohingya people of Myanmar (Burma) are given protection and their basic human rights back. The atrocities impinged on the Rohingya people by the Myanmar military have now left the media yet the savage persecution continues today. This is a human atrocity so dark, that no one wants to talk about it.... Continue Reading →

Your messages of solidarity for refugees

Thank-you to everyone who has submitted a message of solidarity for refugees. These are truly wonderful and we are moved by your love and dedication to support refugees. Sometimes words can have more power and effect than material donations. Your voice can also support people and give hope. As we prepare for our trip on... Continue Reading →

New challenges ahead

We are currently preparing to visit the children and families living in Dunkirk this February 17. Over the winter they have been given temporary accommodation in a crowded gymnasium space, just five minutes away from the settlement where they were previously living in tents in the open. There are no provisions in place in the... Continue Reading →

Amber Rudd concedes on child refugees’ eligibility for dubs

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that, after almost two years of incredible public pressure, another arbitrary restriction on child refugees’ eligibility for the Dubs Amendment has been lifted. Children were previously required to have registered in France, Greece or Italy before 20th March 2016, in order to be considered for transfer. This left thousands... Continue Reading →

Social Worker Without Borders, writes about her time with H4RC in Dunkirk

My unique experience with ‘Help 4 refugee children’ has started at 4am in the morning while making my way from West London to South London. I had mixed feelings of tiredness, curiosity, excitement and uneasiness. I felt that why because I was not sure what waits for me today. However, smiling, friendly, sleepy and welcoming... Continue Reading →

Teacher volunteer, writes about her experience volunteering with H4RC

Whether it be in a London based classroom or out in the Dunkirk refugee camp (a loosely used term), the children exhibit the exact same innocence, curiosity, hesitations and joy. Despite the atrocities of the war torn countries they have fled and the horrors they must have witnessed, their innocence remains uncorrupted. Irrespective of where... Continue Reading →

Police Brutality Against Children: as young as a few months old

Help4Refugee Children traveled yesterday to see children in Northern France who have been not only brutally displaced from their home countries by war and terrorism but also shunned by every single European Government and brutalised and in some cases even beaten by police who are “just doing their jobs”. We saw a three-year-old with a... Continue Reading →

Part 2. Deportation Stopped

Dear Supporters We bring some good news and also a testament that power really can belong to the people. You may remember a recent petition we sent you asking you to sign to oppose the deportation of the dad of an 8 month old baby, which threatened to leave behind a young mother and child... Continue Reading →

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